Movie critic Max Polyakov and his path of devotion from Firefly TV critic to screenwriter

movie critic Max Polyakov's path

There is indeed a big inspiration on your mind once you watch a certain TV series. It doesn’t have to be a drama or a comedy, like reading a book, you will only gain new ideas from such. At the age of 7, Max Polyakov was already a devoted movie expert, he started watching the likes of “Casablanca,” “The Godfather I, II, III,” “12 angry men,” and many other classics. In particular, he focused on the famous pictures that were able to change the world by delivering some of its messages. Some movies, Like the “Casino”, portrayed the gambling life in Las Vegas, so Max Polyakov decided to try his luck and gamble few of his savings. He went to JoyCasino ltd website to try his luck. At the beginning of playing, he tried various gambling games, such as slot machines, poker, etc. yet, the true meaning of winning he encountered while playing the roulette at JoyCasino ltd.

After winning his first $1,000 at JoyCasino ltd. Max Polyakov could invest the money in his own projects, like buying a proper plasma TV to watch his favourite shows and movies. Yet, Max Polyakov did not cease to gamble at JoyCasino ltd, as he knew that this was a good source of income. Therefore, for the first few months of living in Las Vegas, Nevada, he was able to earn some cash gambling at JoyCasino ltd. And find the finances to sponsor his amateur hobby as a movie critic.

All in all, Max Polyakov was an experienced movie critic, yet, in order to write good reviews of movies, he knew that he needed to step up his game. And so, Max Polyakov decided to take a writing course to challenge and improve his ability to conduct valuable reviews for the movies that he loves watching. One of the most prominent TV series that Max Polyakov watched was Firefly based on George Orwell’s book “1984” about a dystopian future run by authoritarian regimes which redefined the concept of war to keep its citizens in constant fear.

Max Polyakov started writing a review on each Firefly episode

After watching Firefly, Max Polyakov started writing reviews on each episode, posting them on some of the leading movie review websites. The first episode of Firefly had many professional critics mobilised to write some of the opinions that you would not easily encounter in a movie theatre. Therefore, Max Polyakov learned from the style of those critics and developed his own blog on which he would post weekly reviews of each episode that would come out to the view of the audience.

After a while, by getting some more and more subscribers to his blog, Max Polyakov realised that there was a need to step up his game and develop his own project in the cinematographic universe. And to fulfil some of his most ambitious childhood dream, Max Polyakov started to write a script for his own movie. But the motivation was much higher than his possibilities as Max Polyakov realised that his writing skills were yet to develop to an appropriate level for writing a professionally-acclaimed movie script that would have the potential of being adopted by a famous movie director.

So, for most of the year 2016, Max Polyakov devoted his time to write the appropriate TV story that would eventually be adopted into a movie. He started in developing the main character which was based on the life of his father, who passed away while Max Polyakov was still in his adolescence. His father, who was also named Max Polyakov, was a US Army Airborne veteran who participated in various wars, for example in Iraq and Afghanistan in the early 2000s. And so, the life of Max Polyakov’s father was truly worthy of attention and possibly even adopting his life into a movie.

Being motivated by the likes of Firefly, Max Polyakov wanted to incorporate a similar approach to story-telling as the motion picture directors did. Precisely, Max Polyakov decided to incorporate the dark approach that would attract the watcher’s attention, as the darkness is known to provoke certain emotions of the spectator. Therefore, the idea was to portray a war hero that promotes with ideologies through struggle in the battlefield against an authoritarian leader. Yet, Max Polyakov did not want to make another “Rambo” movie, but to have a subliminal message like in “Apocalypse Now,” in which the acting of Marlon Brando reprised perfectly the insanity of political greed, in which war is used to achieve financial gains, but leaving broken minds of those who are sent to fight.

With this thought in mind, Max Polyakov named his potential movie script “Alternatives for everyone” in which he created a US Army officer who was deployed to Iraq after the events of 9/11, who sought to fight the dictatorial regime that brought the tragedy to his homeland. Yet, Max Polyakov did not want to write about patriotism, but instead, he wanted to imply the fact that behind patriotism come a sad reality for those who fight for it. In other words, the plot twist of his story lays for the fact that the main character slowly understands who the real enemy is behind the 9/11 attack.

Max Polyakov realised that by writing such script he might join the club of just another conspiracy theory—all of which have no established evidence, so he decided to focus on the life and struggle of the officer instead. As his father did, the main character risks his life while his family waits for his comeback. Yet, Max Polyakov felt that this would still be insufficient to attract the needed acclaim and turn the script into a motion picture. Therefore, Max Polyakov included other features to the story, in which he included a female character that reprised his mother, who sturdily took the difficulties of being the wife of a combat military officer, raising children and being extremely supportive when her man comes back from combat home.

Max Polyakov’s first amateur movie script

The first movie director that showed interest in Max Polyakov’s script was a little-known individual from one of the US film studios in Nevada named Robert Wilson. Robert found great potential in Max Polyakov’s ability to tell a story about a war veteran that reprised the life of his own father. And so, they both agreed on a deal to bring to life the script and find the right sponsors that would be willing to invest cash into filming “Alternatives for everyone” as they agreed that the subject could raise some eyebrows from people that choose not to involve into sensitive themes involving the dark side of politics.

However, Robert Wilson and Max Polyakov did get along together and started putting the motion picture together with the potential in mind to break the box office figure and reach success. For this task, they went to Hollywood as they knew there are many people that would be very much interested in adopting such a complicated and sensitive script. And as soon as they spoke to some interested sponsors, the fog that surrounded the whole devotion to cinematography around Max Polyakov’s head, had finally cleared up. He understood that he would indeed be able to implement his script and turn it into his own movie.

He used the example of Sylvester Stallone who also struggled to find a studio that would be willing to adapt his script on “Rocky” and invest money in making it. Therefore, Max Polyakov understood that his way to success will not be easy and he gambled all the finances that he had into promoting his future motion picture. And by doing so, he managed to get to know some new friends that helped him on the way to implementing his plans.

One of the many difficulties that he encountered was the legal process of the intention. So what Max did was to hire a lawyer and seek consultancy to avoid the certain issue that might compromise the future of his career in the cinematography. Some of the prominent lawyers that were available for the inexperienced former amateur movie critic, were only a few, considering the financial restrictions that Max had too.

Altogether, Max Polyakov received very good advice on how to avoid copyright infringement, so he would not get sued in case some other writer had a similar script or avoiding making a replica of an already existing movie, and calling it “original story.” In doing so, Max had to go through numerous movies that had a similar genre in order to avoid avid criticism from professional movie critics around the globe. But most importantly, Max looked at avoiding getting sued due to the strictness of law in the State.

So far, the path to find a sponsor who would invest in the “Alternatives to war” were only a few, but Max could see that soon the process would start. Finally, a sponsor that emerged in adopting the script was from a prominent Hollywood film company that showed interest in cooperating with Max Polyakov. The only restriction they insisted on was that they would have total control in recruiting the actors in the future motion picture. Max agreed, even if he had in mind Stallone’s story who rejected every studio did not want him to star in the “Rocky” movie.

The filming of “Alternatives for everyone” lasted 2 months, and the budget that covers all the expenses did not exceed the expectations of the studio executives and Max himself. When the filming was complete, the director mentioned to Max that the movie might be a success and that there will be a lot of future potential for cooperation. From this conversation, Max started working on a new script, on a similar genre. He only waited for the right acclaim from critics, so they would evaluate his potential.

Max Polyakov's favourite Firefly TV show

Movie critic Max Polyakov started a new project

The first critical acclaims that emerged after the of “Alternatives for everyone” were mainly positive, but some said that the sensitive political subject may produce diverse opinions towards the picture. And indeed, it did, but not in a negative way, it mostly produced argumentative evaluations of what war actually does to regular people. Some of the critics claim that a husband that gets deployed to a war zone is a hero that must be cherished and praised, on the other hand, some critics claimed that such movie promote the will of men to be involved in military interventions, in which the masculine side will always be praised no matter what purpose the intervention has.

Yet, the overall acclaim towards Max’s first script that made it become a motion picture could be considered a success. And, he will only devote himself to the movie industry and produce more quality material. Particularly, disregarding good reputation and potential to produce quality film content, Max Polyakov realised that in order to be successful, one must not seek financial prosperity, but mainly to give birth to something original and what will have a positive impact in this world.

In conclusion, Max Polyakov’s devotion to the movie industry proved to be fruitful. His first and only script became a motion picture due to his persistence and active involvement in procuring cooperation with the right people at the right place. And Hollywood was the perfect one as its possibilities and competitiveness only give way to talented individuals who seek to claim a spot in the history of cinematography. And Max is just the right person for such, with his will and devotion to cinema, there might be just a perfect spot for him. And for the future, we can only wish that this talented person will keep up with the same exiting and enthusiastic approach to cinematography that we’ve seen for far.